About Us
About MyeHealth

Myehealth is an amalgamation of medical field with IT Solutions. Myehealth is a great way to have your own version of patient records that hospitals have. We are IT solutions providers. MyeHealth made your life easy by storing all your records and retrieving at one click.

Myehealth stores your family's medical records in the most private and secure way. You have full control of storage and which people can access your records in the event of a medical emergency.

Storing records in Myehealth allows you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare organizations to view and share your health information to provide you with the best possible care. You can have complete peace of mind, as all your records are very well organized and at your fingertips when needed for medical emergencies. You can keep track of your health calendar through Myehealth.

When you enrol in Myehealth you get your own personal code. You also can upload images, such as x-rays or scans. All medical reports you can save as image and later it can be accessed by doctors or any organization with an ease.

The next time you are in a Doctor's office, and you are asked for a medical history, you can just refer Myehealth, instead of giving a confusing smile, and saying that you don't remember.

  • Users, Doctors and Health Care Organizations can register on Myehealth for free. Myehealth don't take any charges to store your records and even access is given by taking consent from you.
  • Labs reports and other images are stored in myehealth in very secured way.Giving access to those whom you trust. Just Click a picture of your reports or scan the image of reports and upload it.
  • You can Access your health care information from anywhere and at any time. All your reports and medical history are very handy. Just you need to have internet access.
  • You can manage your health information in organized way by creating Folders. You can create folders and can store prescription and reports in different folders.
  • Myehealth makes it easy to accept information from all of your doctors - and then to share information with them as well.

Concept of this project was given by two Medical Students namely Smit Tilva and Parth Thacker student of Smh.Nhl Municipal Medical College