Calves Exercise
Calves Exercise
Quadriceps strengthening
Target : Calves, Hips and Buttocks stretch, it helps to relieve pain in lower legs.
How to Perform
  • Position yourself as shown.
  • Raise your right leg several inches and hold it up for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Then lower your leg to the floor slowly over a few seconds. Do the exercise 5 to 10 times.
Tips :

Stretching of the piriformis muscle should be an active part of everyone’s daily routine whether they are an athlete or not. Tightening of this muscle can cause pain that can radiate down the leg due to the fact that nerves run directly underneath it.

Calf stretch
Target : Elastic, flexible calf muscles can soften the shock at the first point of impact--your foot and ankle region.
How to Perform
  • Stand a few inches away from a wall, facing it and place both hands on the wall with your arms extended.
  • Lean against the wall and bend on leg forward with the other leg extended straight back. Your feet should both be facing forward.
  • Push the rear heals to the floor and brings the hips slightly forward.
  • Hold the stretch and repeat on the other leg.
Tips :

Stretch your legs till you able to control your body balance. Keep other leg on the ground, don’t lift in air. This muscle is tight on most people and stretching it regularly throughout the day will help loosen it up.

High Knees / Front Knee Lifts
Target : This exercise target muscle groups of calves, hamstrings, stomach and buttocks
How to Perform
  • Begin jogging in place, lifting the knees as high as you can.
  • Try to lift your knees up to hip level but keep the core tight to support your back.
  • For a more advanced move, hold your hands straight at hip level and try to touch the knees to your hands as you lift them.
  • Bring the knees towards your hands instead of reaching the hands to the knees!
Tips :

Take knees high to get more stretch over stomach area also. Posture of body need to get balanced, to avoid falling down.