Exercise to Increase Height
Exercise to Increase Height
Two Straight Legs Up
Target : Increase Height and it also strengthens the legs and generates growth hormones.
How to Perform
  • Lie your face down with your palms down and on the sides of your chest.
  • Try to raise both your legs together as high as possible while keeping your feet straight together at the same time.
  • Each repetition should last for 3 seconds.
Tips :

Create balance while performing; it may be possible that neck strain occurs. Gradually raise both legs, otherwise chances are there to topple down.

Super Cobra Stretch
Target : Increase Height and it also strengthens the legs and blood circulation of body .
How to Perform
  • Start by keeping your arms perpendicular to the floor and the spine arched (similar to the end position of cobra stretch).
  • Now bending your hips bring your body up to form an inverted V position.
  • While doing this, tuck your chin against your chest and then return to the original position.
  • Each repetition should last for 10 to 20 seconds.
Tips :

It's good to do the cobra stretch in bed in the morning or before you fall asleep. Doing this stretch every day will counteract the lower-back strain caused by sitting for long periods.

Wheel Pose
Target :This yoga asana is supposed to increase your height. When you do this asana, it makes your body flexible and spine more elastic.
How to Perform
  • Lie on your back. Bend your legs on your knees. Place them nearer to the hips.
  • Bend your elbows and put your palms on the sides of your head.
  • Take a deep breath while raising your body upwards. Arch or curve your spine while resting on the feet and the palms.
  • Remain in this posture for a few seconds and increase the duration gradually by breathing normally.
Tips :

When doing this asana, you may put a strap around your thighs, a little above the knee, so that it holds the thighs at hip width. The asana is not meant to be performed by people with back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, heart problems and blood pressure issues.