Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Who can register and begin using MyeHealth?
A: Any individual or organization can enrol themselves FREE for storing health record. A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 12 can also access and manage the child's personal health information.
Q. How to register for MyeHealth?
A: Just spend some seconds and register yourself on . Click Signup on top right page of site and add some basic details. You are then member for Myehealth.
Q. What data would I store in my record?
A: The contents of your record are totally up to you, but you’ll get the most benefit from an accurate, updated and complete medical history. Contents can include but are not limited to:
  • Family medical history
  • Current medications
  • Allergic reactions
  • Lab and test results (such as ECGs, blood work, etc.)
  • Previous surgeries and hospitalizations
Q. How can i manage my records online?
A: MyeHealth is pleased to offer you a convenient way to manage your personal health information anytime or anywhere you access the Internet. Our online services allow you to store securely test results, prescription and all other health information. Just register yourself and upload health information.
Q. What is the cost of services to use MyeHealth?
A: MyeHealth offers online patient services FREE of charge.
Q. Can I upload images?
A: Yes! MyeHealth gives you the powerful ability to upload images such as x-rays, scans and MRIs into your account directly from your PC.
Q. How can “MyeHealth” benefit me?
A: In today’s increasingly complex medical environment, patients often see more than one healthcare provider. With Myehealth, your important records will be under your control, not scattered throughout various medical facilities, having an up-to-date summary of your medical history can save time, eliminate testing delays or unnecessary testing, and even reduce the frequency of your doctor visits. Best of all, you have the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are, you and your family can access this critical information via Internet.
Q. Can someone else access Myehealth records?
A: Another person can only access your health records if you authorise them to do so.
Q. Can I delete information from my account?
A:  Yes, you can delete any document. However, please bear in mind that once a document is deleted, it cannot be recovered.
Q. What if I forget my user ID or password?
A: In either case please contact our customer service support at +91 88 66 33 33 68 / 0281 - 2234585
Q. Who can I contact for additional questions or for help?
A: If you have questions about your medical record, please contact the Health Information Management Department. If you have questions about getting access to the portal, please call +91 88 66 33 33 68 / 0281 - 2234585. If you have technical questions, please contact technical support at info@myehealth.in