Parental Dilemmas
Parental Dilemmas

Acting up youngster? Can fathers be companions to their children? There are such a variety of inquiries that folks ask themselves! Here we have a bundle of questions that blanket genuine issues to ordinary issues, and let you know how you can manage them adequately!

How Technology Helps Parenting?
Home Supervision

Installing CCTV cameras or closed circuit television cameras has become very popular with parents today. Rightfully so, because CCTVs help you keep an eye on your child or his babysitter at all time.

Technology in Daily Life

Parents need to realize that technology is not a bad thing, only the misuse of it is. And as a parent it is important that you be a part of the technology your child uses, so that you can teach him how to utilize it best.

Only Child or Lonely Child

Now a day’s people are opting for single child but how can you turn having a single child into the best experience of your life? Rather than worrying about not having company for your child. Here are raising tips for single children.

Tips for parenting the single child

  • Focus your consideration
  • Do not shower blessings, yet time
  • Keep your youngster occupied
  • Books, TV and different wellsprings of diversion
  • Expand your group of companions
  • Never feel remorseful about having a solitary kid
  • Don't suffocate your youngster with consideration

Very often single children tend to be the total focus of attention of parents, especially non-working mothers. It is important that mothers get an interest apart from the child, so she does not try and live her child's life for him. It is vital to give your child space and independence. A balance is very important.