Physical Development
Physical Development
Start stimulating your baby's senses

Move a ball to your infant, and move it back towards yourself. Continue doing this, urging her to move the ball again to you. After a short time she will get the hang of it, and you two can revel in a session of moving the ball!


Communicate with your child continually. Regardless of how often we are advised that we ought to converse with our children, a large portion of us are substance simply murmuring and cootchie cooing with them. While this is most likely essential as well, do attempt and acquaint your infant with words other than pooch, sweetens, cootchie pie sweetie pie.

Converse with your infant like she is a grown-up, and abstain from talking in a sing-tune way. Youngsters figure out how to talk in the way they are addressed, and on the off chance that you address her like she is a grown-up; she will get the dialect a ton quicker.


Sway her to begin strolling by giving her a chance to stand clutching the couch or table or other furniture. Keep a most loved toy on the cot, and encourage her to reach for it. From the beginning, she will attempt to extend, so keep it simply a little past extending separation. Gradually, she will begin making moves to connect for the toy.

On the off chance that your youngster appears tired standing, don't constrain her to do so. When she is remaining all alone, you can get her to attempt and walk, yet the moment she thuds down, let her be. Youngsters need incitement and support, yet not compel.

One of the most straightforward times to converse with your child is the point at which she is constantly nourished. At whatever point you put a spoon of sustenance in her mouth, say things like, and “Open your mouth that is a decent young lady. Wasn't the rice yummy?"


Urge your child to consume without anyone else present by putting her on the bolstering seat and giving her a chance to sit with you on the table. Get her a nourishing seat when she can sit, and urge her to consume without anyone else present. This won't be simple from the get go, and your youngster will commonly appreciate playing with the sustenance more than whatever else might be available. Give her chance to. Playing with sustenance is likewise a manifestation of revelation for her. Simply verify her napkin is secure, and spot a couple of daily papers on the floor under the seat, so it’s not difficult to clean up after her. It might be simpler to provide for her dry nourishment like a chapatti to play with, so she doesn't make as much of a wreck, and may begin taking a nibble or two once her teeth come up.

Hot and cool

Acquaint your child with the idea of hot and chilly at this stage. Delicately let her touch a hot chapatti, and say, "Hot!" Then let her feel a glass of chilly water, and say, "Icy!" Do this each night when you're sitting with your youngster for a feast, and don't be shocked if one day your child gets there before you.